"he who fails to remember history is doomed to repeat it"


During the 1960ıs and 70ıs, under J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI conducted a domestic counter intelligence program (Cointelpro) designed to identify, disrupt, and destroy progressive community organizations formed by American citizens within the United States.

Political and social change groups deemed "undesirable" by the FBI were subjected to government spying and harassment. Targets included Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference, organic food co-ops, community health Free Clinics, women's groups, community cooperative newspapers, and arts organizations such as the Watts Writers' Workshop.


Activities of cointelpro operatives included:

€ illegal wiretaps of American citizens--a practice contrary to Constitutional protections and law enforcement guidelines;

€ paying informants and agitators to infiltrate community groups (including churches and schools);

€ attempting to incite peaceful groups to violence;

€ engaging in disinformation campaigns about individuals and groups to confuse the public, create an atmosphere of fear and to isolate sectors of the community committed to change;

€ seeking ways to create internal dissension between members and an atmosphere of fear within social activist communities;

€ committing criminal acts of violence, fire-bombings and arson against U.S. citizens.


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