as experienced by Herbie Hancock,
Jane Wagner (The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life
in the Universe,
with Lilly Tomlin) ,
Peter Gabriel, and Deepak Chopra



"A beautifully rich human experience."



"Exemplifying the best of interactive media and art in the world today..."







IN MOTION Magazine



SoftForce, by Patric Hedlund with Rob and Jill Whitesides-Woo and Dendrite Forest, was a "mischievous gift and experiment" which featured a ton of growing mountain grass, live trees and rocks on the Digital World convention center floor.

A direct response to the preponderance of war games and violence in interactive technology, SoftForce's focus on nature, myth and creative play centers around images and music generated by the participants' brainwaves.

The Interactive Media Festival Gallery featured 27 interactive works, chosen by 75 nominators and nine judges, as exemplifying the best of interactive media and art in the world today...




When a producer remembers to put the human experience ahead of the technology, the program takes on a whole different light.

When a production really works in human (not technological) terms, then I'm reminded why I struggle with all this new stuff in the first place. It was at this spring's Digital World where [an] interactive program brought this home by standing out above the rest of the digital din.

In the Dendrite Forest Production called SoftForce, the message was "The way we think changes the world around us," and it was delivered in a carefully orchestrated yet individualized process that included living trees and other organic objects as part of an environment that had to be experienced as "technology" (never to be forgotten) before you even got a glimpse of the impressive biofeedback mechanisms that put it over the top.

If you went through this process yourself, you would have no doubt that the communication was designed so that each member of the audience's personal experience came first. Yes, technology was part of it; but it was subordinated to a supporting role...where technology enabled a beautifully rich human experience.

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