DENDRITE FOREST is currently producing a television documentary and book about breakthrough treatment for violence, trauma, and substance abuse.

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"The next major advance in the health of the American people will result from the assumption of individual responsibility for one's own health."

--Dr. John Knowles, President
The Rockefeller Foundation

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Is it possible for ordinary people to apply powers of self-healing formerly associated with Eastern mystics? Those same capabilties are now the focus of modern brain research--using sophisticated new ways of learning.

WE battled two Texas tornadoes to find Dr. Eugene Peniston, a quiet-spoken psychologist at a Veterans Administration hospital in the small north Texas town of Bonham.

Doctors from around the world are now coming to meet him and learn his methods.

He has published breakthrough research with Dr. Paul Kulkosky on alcoholism, drug addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Peniston teaches ordinary people to regain health--no drugs, magic wands or costly long-term treatments.

PENISTON'S carefully sequenced five-phase training (which typically takes about thirty days) teaches ordinary people to apply powers of self-healing sometimes associated with Eastern mystics. Those same capabilties are now the focus of modern brain research.

The skills can be taught step-by-step--with the assistance of computer-based tools with which the learner navigates toward inner states which trigger a decrease in the level of stress-related beta-endorphins in the bloodstream. A clinician specifically trained in the Peniston Protocol is required to guide and monitor the sessions.

Astonishing personality transformations are documented in those who had been diagnosed with PTSD. Independent replication studies indicate 72-80% of drug users lose craving for drugs and alcohol using this technique.

The results of Peniston's studies are startling, but have been independently verified over ten years of research.

For conditions with which traditional therapies have less than 30% effectiveness, 80% of Peniston's patients are successfully relapse free.

Dr. Eugene Peniston is currently seeking funding
for a large scale multi-site national replication study of the Peniston-Kulkosky Protocol.

If you area clinician
interested in professional training, please inquire

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to a qualified Peniston-Kulkosky Protocol clinician, inquire here.

TESTS are given before and after the Peniston Protocol training. Respected instruments such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and MCMI show that measurable personality shifts occur in those who go through the training.

According to studies published in peer reviewed journals, over 80% of patients whose initial tests showed sociopathic personality traits had test outcomes after training which are within normal ranges--a remarkable and unique effect of the Peniston training.

FOR conditions with which traditional therapies have less than 30% effectiveness, 80% of Peniston's patients are relapse free. These statistics have been replicated by independent studies using the Peniston-Kulkosky protocol.

Peniston calls it "self therapy," but he is cautious to emphasize that this is a powerful treatment which requires the guidance of a trained clinician.

Patients often report "suddenly being able to feel again," after years of emotional numbness, rage, depression, impulsive violence and self medicating with drugs and alcohol.

WE went to meet SOME OF THE MEN who have completed Peniston's 30-day VA programs.

Two of them had lived as hermits in the woods; another was an alcoholic for 30 years; a fourth was addicted to cocaine for 18 years.

CLINICIANS such as Alfonso Bermea, who works with violent youth and prison inmates, are nowapplying the Peniston-Kulkosky discoveries with significant results even in hostile environments.

Bermea's work demonstrates that no leap of faith or religious conviction is required to learn this capability.








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