We went to meet some of the men who have completed Peniston's 30-day program through the Bonham, Texas and Topeka, Kansas VA programs. Two of them had lived as hermits in the woods; another was an alcoholic for 30 years; a fourth was addicted to cocaine for 18 years:

  I was so homicidal, so suicidal, all my thoughts each day were about the adrenaline high of confrontation...


  The first time I shot up cocaine,I fell instantly in love...I sold drugs.



  I was addicted to violence, drugs and alcohol. That's a bad combination, a very bad combination.



  Tests are given before and after the Peniston Protocol training. Respected instruments such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) II and MCMI show that significant measurable personality shifts occur those who go through the training. According to the published studies, over 80% of patients whose tests showed sociopathic personality traits before, test as normal afterward--a remarkable and unique effect of the Peniston training.
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